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Governed by the Regie des Alcools Du Quebec

  • No person may advertise alcoholic beverages where the advertising:
    • Is directed at a person of minor age or induces a person of minor age to consume alcoholic beverages;
    • Directly or indirectly portrays consumption of alcoholic beverages;
      • As an element that enhances the importance, social prestige or success of a person;
      • As a means of improving athletic performance;
      • As an essential element in a person’s participation in activities;
      • As an aid in surmounting personal problems;
    • Associates the consumption of alcoholic beverages with the driving of a motorized vehicle;
    • Induces a person to consume alcoholic beverages in an irresponsible manner.
  • No person may advertise alcoholic beverages by means of advertising that:
    • Uses a person of minor age
    • Uses or alludes to a fictitious or real character associated with persons of minor age
    • Shows a person or persons engaged in the consumption of alcoholic beverages in an irresponsible manner
  • The above sections do not apply to advertising intended to promote abstinence or moderation in the consumption of alcoholic beverages or to provide information on the effects of irresponsible consumption of alcoholic beverages
  • Any representation relating to an alcoholic beverage in advertising shall be accurate

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Amendment current as of: January, 2016
Date of COMMB update: September 2019