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Governed by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority

  • Advertising must be in compliance with these advertising standards, including any advertising conducted by a third party (e.g., promotion company or media).
  • Determination of whether an advertisement complies with these advertising standards is within the sole judgment of SLGA.
  • Advertising that promotes the sale or consumption of beverage alcohol may be conducted except as specifically prohibited or limited by these standards.
  • Advertising may refer to price unless otherwise stated in these standards.
  • Advertising is permitted in any medium.
  • SLGA may notify any person that an advertisement is not in compliance with these standards and, in such case, the person shall cease publishing, broadcasting or otherwise distributing the advertisement.
  • A person must comply with the requirements of any municipal, provincial, or federal body respecting an advertisement.
  • No person shall produce any advertisement that:
    • contravenes the CRTC “Code for Broadcast Advertising of Alcoholic Beverages “as amended from time to time and which, for the purposes of these standards, is deemed to apply to any medium used for advertising;
    • encourages excessive use of beverage alcohol;
    • references prices for on-premises consumption of beverage alcohol that are below the minimum pricing requirements established by SLGA as amended from time to time;
    • contains family scenes or scenes involving minors;
    • claims that beverage alcohol causes any healthful effects or benefits;
    • creates the impression that beverage alcohol may be used or consumed in a way or manner prohibited by law;
    • offends, or has the potential to offend, community standards.
  • No person shall advertise beverage alcohol unless the beverage alcohol is legally available for sale in Saskatchewan.
    • Where an advertisement refers to SLGA, the reference shall not form a prominent part of the advertisement and shall not infer that a product is available in all SLGA retail stores;
    • Only in-store tastings for SLGA retail stores that have been approved by SLGA may be referenced in an advertisement;
    • No person shall advertise beverage alcohol on outdoor billboards, electronic or illuminated signs, posters and transit shelters if the advertisement is placed within 200 meters of elementary or secondary schools or places of worship;
    • Failure to comply with these standards may result in charges under the Act;
    • Nothing in these standards shall be construed as requiring any person to accept any advertisement for publication.

5.0 U-brew or U-vin Operation Advertising

  • A u-vin or u-brew operation permit holder shall not advertise externally the price per bottle of the beverage alcohol product which may be manufactured in their premises or promote their products on the basis of being inexpensive alcohol. 

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Amendment current as of: March 2015
Date of COMMB update: September 2019