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"Less for Less"


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Consumers looking for a cheaper phone plan are generally not loyal to one brand – they’re willing to spend their time looking around in order to pay less and will jump ship when they find a cheaper option.

In a bid to not only lure new customers but retain them, the Telus-owned brand and Cossette opted to be upfront with value-conscious customers after the team’s research found Canadians feel telcos don’t respect customers, many of whom are fed up with stale plans and familiar voices.

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The strategy with the “Less for Less” campaign, which ran from June to November 2017, was to speak to customers who think of frills that come with wireless services as a badge of incompetence, not savviness.

The brand launched a simple, low-budget campaign celebrating how far it can stretch its dollars. There were online ads showing actor audition tapes, rather than wasting money on fancy production; hand-drawn social posts instead of expensive photography; as well as one billboard (instead of several). The single OOH ad had a year’s worth of messaging, so instead of the visually stunning ads of competitors like Bell, Rogers and Freedom, Public Mobile stood out for its cluttered, text-heavy billboard. The ad reminded customers: “When you see the next billboard from for your mobile company… remember who’s paying for it.”


“Less for Less” provided Public Mobile more for less, increasing activations by 70% and delivering 253 million impressions.