“2018 Goals”








Smart Insights

Product Category:

Entertainment / Culture / Leisure, Music

OOH Format:

Billoards, Posters, Transit



Spotify needed to keep the trend moving in the way it was so that it could overcome its previous scaling problem. This meant that they decided to bank on a year close campaign that would go a long way in bringing their brand to the physical world.

Target Group:


Strategy and Media Used:

This campaign was conceived, created and executed, entirely in-house. The campaign was focused around anonymously releasing their user data in a comedic fashion. Billboards and poster were the platform.

In the middle of all of this, Spotify had to use it as a draw in for potential new customers. The way in which they did this was an offer 0.99$ for your first 3 months on their premium services which has no Ads and a larger collection of music.


The campaign was a huge success with Spotify bringing the brand out of the digital space and in to the physical. Their revenue tripled in Q1 of this year with Q2 seeing them list themselves on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). This was a good move as their stocks have seen a considerable rise since April when they joined. They also saw a rise in subscribers and beat their low expectations as they sit at 83 million premium members now.