Love Life, No Regrets



Love Life, No Regrets


Swiss Federal Office of Public Health




FEPE International - Euro Effie Awards 2015

Product Category:

Public Service /Government

OOH Format:





To raise awareness of HIV and safer sex by having them say yes to the love life manifesto.

Target Group:

Adults 18+

Strategy and Media Used:

The LOVE LIFE – no regrets campaign used OOH as part of an integrated multimedia campaign to raise awareness of HIV and safer sex. The OOH campaign was posted on various OOH formats across Switzerland making it the most talked about campaign in Switzerland and Lichtenstein in 2014.


Two weeks into the campaign it became the number one topic on regional media and was also discussed in other countries. Over the next 3 months earned media was in excess of 5.2 million Swiss Francs and 80% of the target group became aware of the campaign and message. The website received over 300,000 visits and the commercial was viewed over 1 million times. More than 150,000 said yes to the love life manifesto and brought back HIV to the social agendas of Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

FEPE International General Secretary, Mark Flys, said: “This campaign is an outstanding example of how great creativity and skillful use of Out-of-Home medium can combine to reach people and change behaviour.”