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Blackberry Pearl


Blackberry Limited





Product Category:


OOH Format:

Digital, Outdoor


United States


OBJECTIVES: The objective of the campaign was to quickly spark excitement around the new BlackBerry Pearl – the first lifestyle-focused BlackBerry that marries first-in-class technology with style and photo/video/MP3 capabilities. The BlackBerry Pearl campaign needed to reposition old perceptions and put Blackberry on the map as a sexy tech brand that balances work and fun.

Target Group:

Tech Enthusiasts.

Strategy and Media Used:

STRATEGY: For the target audience, Tech Enthusiasts, owning cool, new gadgets increases social equity as well as personal esteem. Knowledge and first-hand experience with a never-before-seen product is heavy social currency in today’s early adopter society. The strategy was to engage end-users with the BlackBerry Pearl through a “Larger Than Life” digital out of home experience.

PROBLEM: How do you reposition a business-focused brand as more lifestyle-focused?

SOLUTION: Launch a new, lifestyle-focused product with a larger than- life interactive format. OAAA, 2007

PLAN DETAILS: With less than $100K to spend on out of home, the campaign had to maximize impact in order to reposition the brand as lifestyle-focused, not just business-focused. The first-ever interactive roadblock on both Reuters & NASDAQ Digital Billboards in Times Square, NY was negotiated for this product launch. An interactive outdoor execution was used to put the product in the hands of consumers and demonstrate how the Pearl’s features extend beyond traditional BlackBerry devices. For eight hours, street teams with the new device offered consumers their “15 seconds of fame” by showing them how “Live May Appear Larger” with the BlackBerry Pearl. Pictures captured from the Pearls’ cameras beamed directly to the digital billboards where they were displayed throughout the day. End-users truly experienced how “Life May Appear Larger” with the BlackBerry Pearl and left knowing BlackBerry is more than just business.


Approximately 1,050 photos were beamed to the billboard over the eight hour period — more than one every 30 seconds! The stock price increased 10% at launch and the Pearl was TMobile’s best seller for several weeks straight. RIM maintains its share of the smartphone category despite pressure from the competition. “Life Appears Larger” for BlackBerry and its end-users.