“Car Vs Data”



"Car Vs Data"


Via Rail




mediaincanada.com and lovethework.com

Product Category:

Travel / Tourism / Transportation

OOH Format:

Digital superboards




To encourage drivers to start riding trains

Target Group:

Regular drivers

Strategy and Media Used:

Via Rail identified drivers about to travel by targeting those who looked up for weather or traffic information for a destination outside their home town with digital banners and SEM communicating real-time travel times for car versus train.
With DOOH, major highways were covered between Quebec and Toronto. The message was adapted in real-time, displaying the estimated arrival time based on the location of each sign and current traffic conditions. Because it was based on the geo-location of each board, the message was always customized.
Via Rail leveraged their out-of-home partnership to collect all the mobile device IDs of drivers exposed to the advertising as well as drivers who were stuck in traffic jams. Then, they re-targeted these drivers as they arrived at their destination, displaying a personalized message that reminded them of the frustration of being in traffic and the benefits of taking the train.


VIA Rail succeed at stealing share to what seemed an unbeatable competition: the car! Train ridership rose by 11.7% year-over-year, and revenues increased by 13.9%, to the expense of cars.

All of the media tactics greatly outperformed the usual standards. Contextualized messages generated click rates that were 95% higher than all of their display and mobile campaigns, and they helped increase the conversion rate by 14% on VIA Rail’s booking engine.

Finally, over 1.5 million unique mobile device IDs were collected in their DMP, increasing the volume of audiences we can activate in our always-on campaigns.