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Coastline Community College





Product Category:


OOH Format:

Outdoor, Transit


United States


To get more people talking about the school, increase recognition and boost enrollment.

Target Group:

High school seniors, young adults and those who are unemployed and considering community college as an option in Orange County.

Strategy and Media Used:

The first phase in March 2015 focused on branding the school image and locations.  The 30 bus kings provided four-week impressions of 3,447,000 and 360,000 impressions for interiors. The second phase in July 2015 was more strategic, placing 10 kings and headliners on specific routes, targeting high schools and major surface streets that lead to malls and entertainment venues. Ten bus kings were in the mix for reach and frequency along with 50 bus interiors to target the riders on their commute to school or other destinations. This phase delivered 2,658,000 impressions for four weeks. The 3rd phase focused on both enrollment and marketing the school’s brand and achievements. This was a mix of wrapped buses and headliners, bus tails, bus interiors, and bulletins; delivering a total of 3,700,228 impressions within four weeks.


A Google Analytics report for Coastline Community College January to December 2015 showed a 26.7 percent spike in website visitation sessions, a 5.06 percent spike in new sessions, and a 33.17 percent in new users compared to January to December of 2014. Fall 2015 enrollments are higher than the previous year. Overall, there is an 8.9 percent growth in full-time equivalent students (FTES) from the same time last year. For the 2015 spring semester, enrollments at Coastline Community College were very strong. Compared to spring 2014, Coastline was up 5.25 percent in students (+663), up 8.37% in estimated FTES (+209), and up 6.27 percent in total enrollments (+1,628). Currently the 2016 spring semester enrollments are up 2 percent compared to the same time last year, and the student head count is up almost 1 percent.