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All eyes were on the hiphop superstar heading into the 2016 NBA All-Star Game, held in the rapper’s hometown, Toronto. The first ever NBA All-Star Game held outside the United States would feature Drake as an official ambassador and coach of the Canadian team in All-Star Weekend’s celebrity match. Adding to the stakes, Drake’s fans were increasingly clamoring for his highly anticipated ‘Views From The 6’ album, slated to drop 2-months following All-Star Weekend. Drake saw an opportunity to use the platform of All-Star Weekend to amplify buzz around his album, but also a chance to show love for Toronto, the city he lovingly dubbed “The 6ix” (or the 6 or the six, depending on your hashtag persuasion).

Target Group:

Drake’s fans

Strategy and Media Used:

Drake’s team came to Clear Channel with a strategy to pepper the city with out-of-home assets that contain insider references to Toronto. The campaign artwork, perfectly on brand for Drake, didn’t include glam shots of the star or explicitly promote his forthcoming album. Instead, it featured simple expressions, graphics, and photos that made subtle reference to Toronto and his early days in the city. During the week-long prelude to game day on February 14th, Drake quietly released a crescendo of out-of-home assets across the city. The staggered release teased fans. It felt as though the campaign was popping up everywhere, and no one knew where or when another asset might appear. As banners, posters, and billboards sprung up in malls, airports, and alongside highways, fans and media outlets took notice.


  • Earned media impressions in 7 days (February 8 to 15): 127.2 million
  • Top day: 3,393 unique mentions on February 10th
  • Unique social media mentions: 5,260 Total impressions on Twitter: 42.2 million
  • Total impressions Instagram: 85 million
  • Story covered on major news outlets: Billboard, Complex, Pitchfork, CBC, and others – See more at: http://clearchannel.ca/drakes-toronto-takeover/#sthash.d3l36KXw.dpuf