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Voice Assistants are an emerging technology, heavily dominated by one brand, but was perceived as a fun toy. As a challenger in the category, Google Home needed to appeal to families and the general public, demonstrating that Google Home is more than a toy; it’s a powerful tool for your home.

Target Group:

Families and affluent professionals.

Strategy and Media Used:

Research showed that two features within Google Home found the most appealing were the room temperature and room lighting controls. Due to busy and joyfully-hectic schedules these families and affluent professionals are exposed to less media than the general population. But they do commute every day.

As it knew the temperature and lighting controls were the most appealing, PHD took those features to the coldest darkest city in the US, Chicago, and demonstrated these features in a way they couldn’t, and wouldn’t want, to avoid.


Over a six week period Google Home saw a +14% absolute lift in aided awareness and +10% absolute lift in purchase consideration.

The mini-Smart Homes successfully increased understanding of the product benefits (+19% absolute lift) through the thousands of interactions a week (50%-70% more interactions than any comparable campaign in industry).

Watch the video of the campaign here: