Happy Hour Bouquets



Happy Hour Bouquets


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United States


To increase sales volume.

Target Group:

People celebrating Valentine’s day.

Strategy and Media Used:

During February of last year, it blanketed six key outdoor markets (Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Washington) with everything from billboards to full-side bus ads. The ads touted “Happy Hour Bouquets,” which feature flowers arranged in vases shaped like margarita or martini glasses. The line had launched in late 2005 with little fanfare, but soon it would be in full bloom. “You couldn’t be in a city like New York without seeing it,” said Steven Jarmon, vp-brand communication and partnership marketing for 1-800- Flowers.com.


”The ads were so visual that they made an immediate impact.” In fact, the results might make you think you’d been drinking. Happy Hour sales grew 274% during the Valentine’s Day period, compared to Christmas (which is the third-largest selling season for flowers), prompting CEO Jim McCann to call the outdoor effort ”[our] most successful floral campaign ever.” Today the company’s expanded its outdoor strategy to 14 cities and, as of June, added its ”Fields of the World” bouquet to three markets. According to Jodi Senese, vp marketing at CBS Outdoor, New York, the strategy is smart for a company like this because ”flowers aren’t something we contemplate frequently.” But the outdoor campaign ”interacts with so many consumers at numerous touchpoints during the day, which is important.”