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Over the past three years, Absolut vodka has experienced a decline in key image measures. A new Brand Positioning and Consumer Segmentation was focused on turning these measures around and was paramount in communicating key brand benefits in 2007. Absolut wanted to go beyond just basic flavors as a means to revive the brand’s relevance in the eyes of the consumer. Absolut New Orleans was their first product launch based on this innovative objective. Absolut New Orleans (ANO) is the first in a line of limited edition products, inspired by the “Absolut City” ad campaign. ANO takes base Absolut and adds a blend of flavors evocative of the city of New Orleans, using a flavor profile of mango and black pepper. As an additional way to pay homage to New Orleans, 100% of the profits generated from the sale of ANO were donated to charities servicing the Gulf Region, an area still in need of support after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. The goal of the campaign was to find a creative message that could tie together print outdoor formats – both standard and digital – to drive awareness of ANO. The look and feel would be reminiscent of the city of New Orleans and target the key demographic of young urban professionals.

Target Group:

Young urban professionals.

Strategy and Media Used:

The out of home media plan needed to reach people on a regional level. Since ANO was a limited-edition item that would be on and off the shelves within a three month period, our charge was to build strong awareness in a short period of time. At the same time, we needed to convey the flavor of both the region and the vodka. The media plan focused on those regions most affected by Hurricane Katrina: Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Mississippi, and Alabama. The campaign utilized a consistent media mix across all markets with exceptions only in New Orleans. Each market used high-profile bulletins to send a simple yet bold creative message and took advantage of 30-sheet posters to support that exposure in secondary arteries. Market coverage in New Orleans was further supplemented by the addition of a few select odd sized units in downtown and French Quarter as well as Taxi Tops. Flight dates: September-November/December 2007 Markets: New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Houston, Pensacola, Panama City, Tampa/Sarasota, Gulfport, Biloxi, Pascagoula, Picayune, Mobile/Gulf Shores Formats Used: Traditional media mix of 30-sheets and bulletins in all markets with the addition of taxi tops in New Orleans only.


ANO succeeded in making the second highest dollar volume for new items in September, while total Absolut sales in Louisiana have risen 53% since the launch of ANO. 100% of the proceeds of ANO were donated to the following charities: — New Orleans area Habitat for Humanity — Builds homes for qualified low-income habit partner families. — The Louisiana Restaurant Association Education Foundation — Uses funds to train up to 5,000 hospitality industry employees in Louisiana’s beverage education and server training to help rebuild the workforce — Hands on Gulf Coast — Works to revitalize and rebuild the devastated communities in Biloxi — Tipitina’s Foundation — Provides New Orleans musicians with concrete education and career assistance, directly influencing the economic development of the music industry in New Orleans — Volunteer Mobile — Repairs and rebuilds homes that have been damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in the greater Mobile, AL area