It Speaks for Itself



It Speaks for Itself


Anheuser-Busch InBev




2016 Shopper Innovation Awards

Product Category:

Beverages - Alcoholic

OOH Format:





To break through the notoriously cluttered Canadian beer market with over 900 brands.

Target Group:

Young Adult, Beer Drinkers

Strategy and Media Used:

Young adults enjoy sampling new beer, but they tend to quickly move on. The brand needed to pique their interest long enough for the beer to stay on their radar. This was an exceptionally difficult task for a small brand like Shock Top, whose competitors had much larger budgets. The brand’s strategy was to connect consumers through memorable interactions. The agencies turned the Shock Top logo into an animated character called Wedgehead, an orange slice with a Mohawk, shades and cheeky attitude. Billboards in front of retail locations featured a 3D animatronic Wedgehead that would converse with people on the street below: as someone walked by, Wedgehead would interact with them. In addition, talking Shock Top beer tap handles were placed in bars, and cases of the beer were brought to life with similar real-time, personalized executions. The interactions were filmed and pushed nationally via YouTube and the brand’s social channels.


Shock Top became the number two wheat beer in Canada over the course of the “It speaks for itself” campaign and successfully broke through the competitive clutter, with brand awareness and trial increasing by 220%, more than doubling its goal.