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James Ready Brewing Co.





Product Category:

Beverages - Alcoholic

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James Ready competes in Ontario’s discount beer segment. The segment is massive, accounting for 40% of total beer sales, but is incredibly fragmented with over 35 brands vying for their drop in the pitcher. This said, this campaign’s main objectives were to:

  • Grow James Ready Ontario net sales volume year over year
  • Grow James Ready Ontario market share year over year.

Target Group:

19-24 year old drinkers • People seeking affordable beer.

Strategy and Media Used:

Rather than just be about keeping the price of their beer low, James Ready sought to take on a higher brand purpose: helping their fans save money by getting them involved in it. James Ready encouraged their core base of 19-24 drinkers to participate in the cause and actively co-create with the brand. Consumers were invited to engage with the brand at one of their events or on Facebook. Since 2008, a long-running series of highly unconventional participation ideas was born through the use of numerous media: outdoor billboards (Share our Billboard, Billboard Coupons, Beer Store Parking Lot Billboards), on-site events (University Bar-Ter Night), direct mail, packaging, internet (Readyforless.ca) and social media. Each billboard, event or touch-point had to act as proof that James Ready behaves differently. It had to highlight a new twist on what was traditionally done. It had to offer unique experiences that continued to delight its fans.


  • Against 2007 as a base, James Ready’s volume sales (in hectolitres) grew 245% by 2011
  • James Ready’s market share grew from a 0.39% in 2007 to 1.39% in 2011, translating into a 256% increase over that period. That share level equates to more than $30 million in sales annually.
  • James Ready succeeded in taking share from the leading brands in the discount segment, Carling and Lakeport. Over the last three years their market share has steadily fallen while James Ready’s continues to rise.
  • The Help us, Help you campaign was the seventh most awarded in the world in 2009 according to Creativity Awards Report
  • James Ready won two Gold Cassies in 2009 for Off to a Good Start and Small Budget
  • In 2011, James Ready has achieved numerous international awards including D&AD, The One Show, The Clios and The Effies