KY, Last Longer



KY, Last Longer


Reckitt Benckiser




Product Category:

Consumer Packaged Goods

OOH Format:



United States


Promote the new KY Duration Spray and address unique audience mind-set moments proven to increase advertising and message recall using DOOH.

Target Group:

Adult Males

Strategy and Media Used:

To ensure they would “cut through the mix” of other advertisers, Reckitt Benckiser developed a real-time, highly contextual campaign based on a taboo subject, premature ejaculation. The humourous DOOH campaign delivered highly targeted messages on nearly 100 digital screens across NYC and Las Vegas. This enabled the campaign to be adapted to unique audience mind-set moments.

Audience data and local cultural insights were combined to create and trigger reactive advertising messages that were location-based and screen-specific, as well as referencing to a particular time of day, audiences, events, holidays, etc.

“Last longer than a Las Vegas Marriage”

“No More NY Minute”

“Here’s to Extra Innings”


The campaign and the messaging proved to be highly effective with a 12+% increase in prompted awareness and message recall and a 17%+ increase in brand metrics i.e. Customer Satisfaction, Customer Recommendations. This represented a 15%+ increase in overall effectiveness.

(Virtuosity Research, Oct 2016)