Show Us You’re Nuts



Show Us You're Nuts


Hosta Meltis




JCDecaux UK / S3 Advertising

Product Category:

Consumer Packaged Goods

OOH Format:

Indoor, Outdoor


United Kingdom


Targeting the confectionary buyers of the four big supermarkets – Tesco, Morrisons, Asda and Sainsbury’s with a creative media plan and direct messaging to help Mr. Tom win a coveted slot on the shelves of the retail giants. Also raise awareness of Mr. Tom Peanut Crunch bars.

Target Group:

Confectionary buyers.

Strategy and Media Used:

In an industry dominated by national brands and where shelf space competition is fierce, a media strategy was developed that needed to cut through the media clutter and ensure that the buyers would be exposed to Mr. Tom Peanut Crunch through multiple media channels.

The media strategy was to secure various OOH formats that where within a 40 minute drive radius of the three non-London based head office locations, in particular to reach the buyers on their daily commute. The secondary objective was to build upon reach and frequency which entailed a heavy-weighted campaign that ran over an 8-month period with a multi-pronged approach. The buyers were targeted with various OOH formats including classic, digital, transit, shopping centres, station domination and experiential display with an interactive digital site.


  • Press coverage in the Drum and JC Decaux website
  • Mr. Tom Peanut Crunch brand received over 40,000,000 impressions
  • 14% sales increase compared to the same time last year
  • Cases sold +31,347 on prior year
  • Bars sold +1,129,464 on prior year.