“Sick Kids VS – All In”



“Sick Kids VS – All In”


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The challenge was to find a groundbreaking new approach to SickKids’ VS Campaign, because the organization is breaking ground on what amounts to a whole new SickKids hospital. The agency was tasked with launching the largest fundraising program in Canadian healthcare history. $1.3 billion is needed to rebuild SickKids and the VS campaign needed to evolve and ask people to join this new fight.

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The campaign was launched with a gritty, emotionally stirring, 2 minute online film. The film showed Toronto’s kids (both sick and healthy) taking to the streets, working together towards a common goal.

The video drove overall awareness of this new fight to construct a new SickKids. From there, the campaign was taken to the community level by creating different versions of the campaign for each specific neighbourhood. These individual campaigns not only called on that specific neighbourhood to join the fight, they also featured a SickKids patient that lived in the local area.

Social media and email told the story of each child’s SickKids journey and were geo-targeted to the local neighbourhood they lived in. Wild postings and out-of-home murals featured call-outs to each local neighbourhood as well. Other city efforts included turning the CN Tower blue (SickKids’ iconic colour), lighting the Toronto sign at Nathan Phillips Square blue, and Mayor John Tory designating October 27 as “SickKids VS Limits Day”, all of which helped rally Toronto to be ALL IN for SickKids.


While the fight goes on, the organization is well on their way to achieving the goal of $1.3 billion. The team broke their own fundraising record by reaching $100 million in donations in a single campaign period. They saw a 54% increase in donations year-over-year (incredible growth given last year’s record-breaking fundraising performance), a 22% increase in website engagement YOY, and SickKids leads its sector in every measure of Brand Health. The launch film was tweeted every three minutes after its initial launch and the campaign overall generated 13M in media impressions.