“The lure of l’amour”



The lure of l’amour


Tourisme Montreal





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Canada, ON


After celebrating Montreal’s 375th birthday in the summer of 2017, Tourisme Montreal expected there would be a drop in hotel bookings for the 2018 winter season.

The decision was made to go after residents of Quebec City, which is in easy driving distance from Montreal. The city would proclaim that it had changed, flaunting all the new attractions that were recently developed for Montreal’s anniversary. But residents of the two cities, less than a three-hour drive from each other, don’t have close feelings for one another, the agency found. Montreal brings up feelings of jealousy, rivalry and hate among many Quebecers, but underneath it all there’s a little love. Lg2 opted to be honest about these complex feelings by anthropomorphizing both cities for the campaign.

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The geo-targeted integrated campaign was rolled out via billboards, newspapers, television and radio. To invite Quebec City residents to rediscover Montreal in all its renewed glory, the agency sent 100,000 letters to Quebec City homes letting residents know Montreal was set on winning back Quebecers’ hearts. Montreal’s new attractions were highlighted through video messages. Quebec City’s journalists also received surprises from Montreal, with love.


The efforts stoked renewed passion. With more than four million impressions, over one million video views, billboards all over the city and more than 100,000 personalized messages in Quebec City homes, the campaign became the talk of the town and doubled its value thanks to positive press coverage. It generated 138 media articles, and contributed to a 34% increase in visits to the destination’s website.

The plan of getting people to fall back in love with Montreal worked. While hotel bookings were expected to drop, thanks to the campaign, bookings went up more than 4% in a historically slow season.