“Well Worn”



Well Worn







Product Category:

Fashion / Clothing / Sportswear, retail

OOH Format:

Massive OOH presence




The team started by examining the values Mark’s was founded on. The insight revealed was that, at its core, the brand embodies the spirit of hard work and that hard work is a value Canadians hold dear. It is a truth that is as relevant to a 45-year-old in Saskatoon as it is to a 30-year-old in downtown Toronto. Unlike many retailers, Mark’s was established as a store that blue-collar Canadians could rely on for quality clothing that worked for them while they worked hard. The brand needed to redefine “industrial” for a modern age, to instill a sense of pride and appreciation for the brand’s roots, so they could connect with Canadians in a meaningful way beyond sales.

Target Group:

Strategy and Media Used:

Well Worn was led by three key brand pillars: Strength of Character, celebrating the commitment of Canadians to live life by their values; Wearing It Well, highlighting the confidence of Canadians to wear clothes their own way; and finally, Durability of Products, capturing Mark’s product quality that can be counted on, just like those who wear it.

Well Worn was launched to achieve three objectives: to build an emotional connection with Canadians, to enhance Mark’s shopping experience, and to change perceptions of Mark’s. Well Worn made its debut with an emotive 60-second TV spot that was hard to ignore. It told the Well Worn story through the lens of hard-working Canadians. It highlighted a range of men and women connected through living their lives “well worn.” The same story was told through shorter 30-second TV, digital video, and through a massive out-of-home presence.


A Google Brand Lift study showed that among the key audience of 25 to 34-year-olds, the Well Worn videos had a 4102% lift in creative interest and a 25% lift in ad recall. Well Worn received over 60 pieces of media/PR coverage across print, radio, and television, totalling six million organic impressions. Additionally, over 75 media influencers mentioned Well Worn during the launch. A digital-sentiment analysis showed Canadians had an overwhelmingly positive sentiment towards Well Worn, finding it to be authentic and relatable. Mark’s saw an increase in same-store sales of 3.4% and solidified their number one position in market share for jeans sales. E-commerce revenue from emails increased by 209%, compared to before Well Worn.