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United States


Zacherl Funeral Home wanted to create an ad campaign that brought awareness to issues and concerns in the local community, including under age drinking and increased heroin use. As these issues often resulted in use of Zacherl’s services, they wanted to serve the public by providing this information tastefully. This meant that their campaign had a very inclusive target audience, and needed to reach the entire community.

Target Group:

Teens and young adults age 14-30 and their parents age 30-60.

Strategy and Media Used:

Posters were used to target the inner city of Fond du Lac and one 14’x48’ bulletin on Interstate 41 – the major highway entering Fond du Lac. This provided coverage for the entire market over the 4 week campaign. Two OOH creative executions were used, the first one focused on underage drinking during prom season while the second focused on the dangers of heroin.


Zacherl’s OOH campaign was timely and brought attention to a growing problem in its community. The business owner said that in the weeks the campaign ran, six television stations from around the state visited his place of business for interviews, and multiple newspapers published news articles about the campaign. He also received attention from heroin support groups from around the state of Wisconsin and as far away as Texas. USA Today, North Central Wisconsin ABC and Fox News also featured his campaign, showing that OOH really can reach the masses. Zacherl Funeral Home’s Facebook page had increased comments and likes regarding this campaign.