Please note the following is a summary of information from associated government websites. It is meant as a guide to assist in placing election oriented advertising campaigns. It is for reference only as is not an official interpretation of the governing legislation. The official documents and legal counsel should be consulted to ensure accuracy.

Governed by the Saskatchewan Elections Act

Election Campaign Advertising

  • Section 215 of the Act states that any advertisement that has reference “…to any election or promotes the candidacy of a particular person…” must identify its sponsor by stating who authorized it to be distributed. Note that only a registered political party, their chief official agent, a candidate, their business manager or a bona fide representative of them may sponsor such an advertisement during a by-election.
  • The term “advertisement” includes any visual publication or representation, any handbill, placard, poster, circular letter or pamphlet, any electronic or digital display and any radio or television broadcast.
  • Further guidelines concerning advertising are not outlined in the Act

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Amendments current as of: December 2015
Date of OMAC update: January 2017