Interview: Brooke Leland, SVP, GM Cossette Media English Canada

September 13, 2017

Tell us about your job and your responsibilities?
We attract the most amazing talent at Cossette Media and I’m the Custodian of our Entrepreneurial culture. It’s my job to ensure that these innovators are feeling challenged, supported and fueled up so that they’re able to produce top notch work for our clients through integrated strategy, rooted in the consumer and activated by technology!

What does the future of OOH look like to you?
It is official – you know the future is OOH when the Grand Prix OOH winner at Cannes is a Twitter campaign.
Our team is thinking way past how OOH will adapt to driverless cars and looking forward to running the first OOH campaign on Elon Musk’s Hyperloop….good luck team Paradigm Pod from Newfoundland!

What is the most exciting OOH innovation that impressed you?

There’s a love affair going on right now that’s even more intense than Jon Snow and
Daenerys…and it’s between OOH and social. It’s a match made in media planning Heaven.

I loved the Nike Instaposters out of Russia a couple of years back and more recently the Nike Equality signs in Bogota. It’s also been done via Twitter Potholes and Google + Front Row.

They truly NEED one another. Social can’t thrive unless we get the Heck OUT of your home and actually DO something we can brag about…..

What do you think the next OOH innovation will be?

Anyone who knows me won’t believe I’m saying this, but…….Measurement: Being on the COMMB board I love seeing the advances we’re making in tracking up here in Canada! While there are still some kinks to work out, Mobile data can help create Audience profiles by location and provide insight into traffic patterns.
It’s a really exciting time for OOH measurement! We’re able to compete better with other media.

What are three things that are on your bucket list?

– Work with our friends at our startup incubator, Cossette Lab (and Cossette Health in particular), to be part of something truly helpful for Canadians…like the Samsung Safety Truck campaign:
– A week at The Brando
– ….”wrap the CN tower