In the Spotlight: Kayla Landen of Denneboom

January 18, 2017

An interview with Kayla Landen of Denneboom and one of the first graduates in the OOH Certification Program.

Tell us about your job and role at Denneboom.

I am a senior media advisor at Denneboom, planning and buying all media for a wide variety of clients. I specialize in out of home but also work in radio, TV, print and digital channels.

What made you take the COMMB OOH Certification Course?

This was a great opportunity to expand my skills and learn more about the COMMB Navigator technology. Was excited to apply the learning from the course to our client’s day to day business. As well, it is great to let potential clients in a new business pitch know that we are OOH certified!

What opportunities do you see for OOH in the next 5 years?

Digital OOH has certainly opened up the door for programmatic buying of OOH. However, I hope this doesn’t limit the creativity that we see in OOH as this is why I love this medium the most. I hope brands continue to use this space for innovation.

What is your favorite OOH campaign that was produced at Denneboom?

The Drambuie augmented reality campaign we did that won a bronze MIA. The way it integrated into in-store and experiential worked perfectly.

What OOH campaign do you wish that Denneboom had produced?

The Corona ‘find your beach’ campaign in 2015. The collaboration between media and creative was perfect and something that all agency partners should strive for.

If you could pick one person dead or alive to be your dinner guest who would it be and why?

Gord Downie. He is a true Canadian music icon and I find him so inspiring to all, musicians or not. He truly shows you can do anything you set your mind to, despite obstacles in your way.