Interview with Kimberly Haider, Manager, Marketing & Communications, Toronto Zoo

October 12, 2017

Kim, tell us about your job as Marketing Director for the Toronto Zoo.

I am responsible for the overall consumer brand marketing program for the Zoo and for many of our key communication channels, including advertising, membership marketing, media partnerships, website, social media, publications and promotions.

What is the best part of your job?

Every day is different and I have an amazing product to market (conservation and animals). I love knowing I am working towards a meaningful end result, and, the days I get to get close to photograph animals for advertising, are also moments I live for.

What do you like about OOH?

I just love how creative OOH advertising can be. You can scale big eye-catching ideas into an everyday streetscape and have it be impactful and memorable. I like the flexibility of OOH campaigns, whereby you can select the most appropriate mix of channels to best meet the needs of your goals and available resources. For example the flexibility and timeliness of conditional-triggered digital activations to the outside-the-box ideas that can be accomplished through transit shelter takeovers.

Can you share insights on your latest OOH campaign for the Zoo?

Our latest OOH campaign is part of our 2017 summer campaign, and represented about 20% of our total mix. It was in-market July/August and included a mix of horizontal posters and TSA’s geo-targeted around family-oriented epi-centres like schools, shopping malls, and public community centres/parks, through areas in the GTA which best align with our visitor demographics. We also had a digital component where we ran a 10 second loop at Yonge & Dundas Square.

How are the baby pandas doing these days?

Amazing! We have had a great summer with many visitors coming to see our two cubs, Jia Panpan and Jia Yueyue, who will be celebrating their 2nd birthdays this October. They are now very interested in bamboo and although they are still very playful, they are officially becoming juveniles.