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COMMB’s new methodology incorporates a variety of sophisticated measures and data science techniques to provide greater insights into audience activity to more precisely understand consumer behaviours of those exposed to OOH assets. We’ll highlight the changes in methodology, data providers, key enhancements and benefits to the buy-side and sell-side.

New & Enhanced Datasets

  • Access to data on over ~8.4 million road segments across Canada

  • Directional vehicular and pedestrian volume data by road segment

  • Vehicular occupancy at the market level vs. previously available provincial level

  • Illumination hours sourcing hourly volume data vs. a single factor previously used.

  • Pedestrian data applied in the top markets and spot counts in uniquely pedestrian areas such as Yonge-Dundas Square

  • Reach/Frequency (RF) by face for static and ad-play (spot) level for digital across all COMMB measured outdoor inventory in the top 45 markets.

  • % of audience for each face and ad-play that live in-market and a list of outside markets that represents 1% or more of the total market audience

  • Audience profiles (AP) in the top 45 markets for both outdoor and place-based venues

  • Access to intersection flow data identifying the total vehicular movement and pedestrian volume of movement within an intersection i.e. % that turned left vs. right vs. went straight through

  • Access to average vehicular speed data road segment and pedestrian volumes

  • Custom distance visibility zones (DVZ) by face to account for obstructions in sight-lines

  • Dwell time extrapolation to account for ad-play impression calculation

  • Face level circulation and total screen and ad-play impressions. Data available for 192 hourly day-parts and 8 day-types (Mon -Sunday, +average day).

  • API ready for programmatic integration

  • Environics: A data partner that delivers Canada-wide population movement data via their mobile location services. Their contributions augment COMMB’s insights into population behaviour and enhance computations for OOH audience measurements, Reach/Frequency, and Gross Rating Point (GRP).

  • Vividata: A marketing intelligence company providing COMMB with product variable insights used in our Audience Profiles (AP)

  • Docma: A data-science firm specializing in Reach/Frequency modelling, working with COMMB on the development of the RF model for outdoor and the Audience Profiling for outdoor and place-based.

  • Manifold Data Mining: A marketing intelligence company providing COMMB with demographic insights and market population data used in our Audience Profiles (AP).

  • Teralytics: A mobility analytics firm that designs and engineers data and software solutions including predictive transport models and products that help COMMB understand vehicular volume, speed, flow, etc.

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